4 Organizer Ultra 5.0 Release

AI-Powered care for your PC, fully automatic speedup, organization, cleaning, decluttering and sorting.
Use 4-Organizer Ultra: Spend your time on life, not on routine tasks.

4-Organizer Ultra is a unique program that helps you keep your PC in a good shape, fully automatically.
It has seven AI-powered technologies, each of them responsible for its own process: speed-up, sorting, cleaning, automatic scanning, permanent file deletion, security protection, real-time system resources analysis, and even a personal AI Assistant, which will boost your mood!

File Sort AI — An extremely powerful solution, supporting more than 13,000 file types, reaching the sorting speed of 400,000/h files. File Sort AI declutters your PC, and puts an end to the chaos of files in seconds. It organizes files and moves them all to their respective places.

Deep Scan AI — Unique technology, which cleans your PC from its core: often, the number of junk files deleted by it can be shocking. Deep Scan AI saves you space for happy memories, not for the cache.

Speedup AI — Simply makes your PC up to 58% faster. It also has a tremendous Windows startup improvement — the boot-up time can become 3 times faster. Make the most of your PC now.

Auto Scan AI and Resource AI work together to always keep your PC in a good shape, and make sure it's always ready for work. They watch the condition of Windows, automatically finding the best time to perform the system's cleaning and making sure to not interrupt your work.

Wiper AI is a wonderful technology, which automatically liquidates all privacy vulnerabilities, so it's impossible to recover your sensible information from such files as cache, cookies, history, and shaders. All files deleted with the "Recycle Bin" (even with the "delete forever" option) are not actually erased, and it's possible to easily recover them. Wiper AI deletes files forever, without the ability to recover them. Wiper AI erases private information forever.

4-Organizer AI Assistant greets you every day and gives you its support, and warm wishes. Your digital AI-powered friend, who is always there for you.

4-Organizer Ultra is a program that combines power, elegance, and beauty.
It's truly a new look on software.

Downloads 15,663
Weekly downloads 5
Publisher Ambeteco
By Dsibe
Created on 24 September 2018
Last update 03 January 2023
Category Utilities
Operating system Windows

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