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    Defencebyte Antivirus comes equipped with a range of avant-garde features that never compromises the security of the PC and keeps it covered from all types of threats, both new and old. Keep your beloved device and precious information protected along with amplifying the performance and speed at the same time. Buy this software right away and ensure the protection of your PC. Key Features: Diagnose, and Treat: The software diagnoses all the existing and approaching threats and treats them right away; which means, no threat can bring your PC down at any cost. Live 24x7 Threat Detection: The software offers 24X7 threat detection feature that allows user to rest assured about their PC, both offline and online. Anti-phishing Technology: A great features that comes tagged with Defencebyte Antivirus, which blocks fraudulent "phishing" sites from steal your personal details and information. Amplify the PC Performance: Prevents errors and threats from slowing down your PC; along with restoring PCs life at the same time. It allows users to enjoy smooth and hassle free PC performance. Troubleshoot and Fixes Errors: Regardless of the size of the issues, errors are troubleshot and fixed in a jiffy. No need to undergo long troubleshooting procedures. It takes least possible time, leaving your PC working as good as new.