Sorry to anyone that has liked or used my programs in the past.

Toolslib has taken it upon themselves to remove all of my programs from their platforum. 

Have a wonderful day and best of luck in repairing your computer problems.

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Re: Toolslib decided to remove my programs.


I would like to bring more clarity on what you're saying.

Some of our users reported some issues about one of your software, here is the VirusTotal Analysis link:

..and it's the same case for some of your other software.

I also would like to rectify a point: Your programs are not removed from our platform, they are just back in pending mode, awaiting for review.

Here is why we took this decision: We can't afford to host software with such high detection rates even if they are false-positives. Search engines and well-known browers will start to block some URLs of ToolsLib and the whole platform quickly could badly be affected. It has happened before.

We would be happy to publish your programs and let them be available for our comunity again but some actions must be taken first. I invite you to contact antiviruses companies in order to remove these false-positive detections. You can also use Code signing (A bit expensive.. But in a near future, ToolsLib might be able to provide such feature).

Feel free to reply or contact us if you need any help.