I'm trying to modify winpese with "modify se "tool no succses.

I tried to add ghost32.exe to the program file directory or other directory but it's wont work, i can't see the file.

I need it to support old images i have.

please someone help

thank you

Re: winpese


First of all, sorry for the late answer.

I've forwarded your issue to WinPESE author. I'll get back to you asap.


Re: winpese

Not all programs can just be added into PE..  As there may be certain files dependencies' or registry entries also needed...

 The best thing for them to try is running the ghost installer from within the PE environment...  If it works, they would have to record the changes into a mounted PE image and capture into new image.

Modify PE - mounts the current boot.wim

you add your program(s) into the mounted PE directory and then Modify PE will capture and unmount that directory into a new boot.wim, then just swap-out the boot.wim that Modify SE created with the one in boot media / sources folder