I run Windows10 Chrome -- got a malware popup when on tunein radio. Along with the following popup, a voice came on and said "your pc is infected with Malware, do not ignore this, etc:

** Zeus Virus Detected  - Your Computer Has Been Blocked **

Error: Trojan Backdoor Hijack #365838d7f8a4fa5


I ran adwcleaner after no success with windows defender, norton, malwarebytes, and zemana. AdwCleaner identified three objects titled "PUP.LEGACY.OPTIONAL".

Was then prompted to restart, at which time objects are said to be removed. When I logged back in and ran adwcleaner scan again, it identified the same three objects. Tried several more times with same result so doesn't look like objects were removed.

Any advice you can provide as per how to resolve would be greatly appreciated.

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Thanks, I'm working on it.

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This ever get fixed? I cant remove this.

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Well.... My previous solution in Windows "Safe mode with networking" should help you out if you haven't done that. Alternatively, you could try using RKill to kill malicious software first. Then remove the identified files manually, afterward do a thorough scan with Malwarebytes, AdwCleaner, and HitmanPro. This should definitely yield some results.

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Please give a try to the method Josh shared.

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I found this thread while looking for answer to my own pup issues and signed up to say thanks.  What worked for me was uninstalling Chrome and then running Malwarebytes Adwcleaner. Ran it a second time and with Chrome uninstalled a got a clean scan this time. Before that it would identify Pup.Legacy.Optional. I would clean it but when I would run it a second time it would be back again.  After I got the clean scan from Adwcleaner I reinstalled Chrome, ran the Adwcleaner yet again and got clean scan again.