my problem started a couple weeks back when my comp told me it was going to upgrade windows 10. it hung at 88% several times telling me not to turn off the computer but i couldnt help it. how many days would this take anyway? so it reverted. then i noticed that You Tube showed a constant loading screen on the video. the thumbnails for the suggested videos were visable but nothing i clicked played. i reset my router. no luck. Daily motion videos played, Vimeo videos played fine. Porn videos streamed fine, it was just Youtube that wouldn't play. i noticed also that when i looked for online help, some of the pages i thought would have answers would not load. wierd. i checked my internet speed with a website. 117 Mbps Download and 12 Mbps upload which is fast enough i figured. I tried to reset the comp where it asked me if i wanted to erase my files or not. i chose not. then a few minutes in the program reported that there was a problem and that No changes were made. i tried to system restore the comp but there were no points listed that i culd restore it to. so i Created a restore point. then after an hour tried to restore it to that point. Error. The computer sould not be restored to this point no changes were made to your system. i thought virus's or a hacker were trying to block me from fixing this comp or finding a support page to load to help fix this comp. ive run Several Antivirus programs Super Anti Malware, CC Cleaner, Bit Defender, Malware Bytes, and others and eventually they found nothing wrong but Youtube Still wont play. i've upgraded Firefox and tried Chrome. Nothing helps. I suppose i could try and reset the computer with the option of REMOVING ALL FILES clicked but i'm afraid to. I mean ive backed up all important files on this comp to usb's and dvd's but....What if That doesn't work? Holy crap!! heres something else; Bit Defender every so often will pop up an error message about Web threat blocked: Infected web resource patch and a whole lotta numbers. What does that mean and why is windows update mentioned?

Whatever. I feel if I could get a bootable dvd or usb from the internet for windows 10 I could boot up from a source other than my comp or reset it that way, but im not having any luck and theres No Way I have a product key for my Windows XP that Windows itself Updated to Windows 10 Without even asking me. Well maybe they asked me But they didn't send me any product key number. Crap!