Using the recovery boot tool and it came up perfectly, I went to the Drive that I needed to look at.  It indicated the directory or file was corrupted and I would like to know if there is any way to rebuild it.  I am trying to save pictures located on the HD for a friend as the PC (desktop) failed.  Any help would be appreciated.

Re: Recovery of win 10 system

 Hello Mrmodo ,

Booting problem is common issue which we usually face. There is several issue of booting problem. Some of them is a single corrupt byte on your hard drive, buggy boot driver or missing registry key. Because the master boot record can become corrupt, damage and disappear. There is some manual recovery option like safe mode, start up repair. It these option works it is good for us but not so we have to choose some recovery boot software. So I assumed you have used any tool to recover boot tool. But I recommend you to keep always data backup of your hard drive. It generally become the cause of data lose. Now let’s come to point you encounter the directory or file corrupted error. Whenever this error we face we are not able to access those partition data. The simplest way to repair corrupt drive you can format it but it cause permanent data loss. So here are some step to repair it.

  1. Connect the hard drive to window pc and use reliable antivirus to scan the drive or system. Sometime virus or malware can cause such error.
  2. Run the chkdsk scan it’s a good for drive to check its health. It will detect the bad sectors and prevents data corruptions by fixing the file system error. Follow the instruction to run chkdsk scan.
  1. Open the command Prompt Window.
  2. Make sure the corrupt drive is connected to system.
  3. Assign a letter to the corrupted drive using disk management tool.
  4. Type the chkdsk/r/fX where X is the drive letter. Replace X with your corrupt drive and press enter.
  5. Wait for it finished and then restart system to check the drive is accessible.


     3. Run SFC scan it helps fix the damage or missing window system files that may cause drive corruption.

  1. Run the elevated command prompt and type sfc/scannow.
  2. If the drive is external, type sfc /SCANNOW / OFFBOOTDIR=c:\           /OFFWINDER=c:\windows
  3. Replace letter c with your hard drive letter.

That’s it wait for the scan to finish it and restart the system check if you can access the drive and data .

4.    It may be possible the above step may not work to repair the corrupt file or directory. So you can use third party free data recovery software such as Stellar Data Recovery Software, easeus data recovery software and so on. Which can quickly restore file from several corrupt file and directory files or deleted partitions.  You can get access your images or several kind of file using these data recovery software. File and directory corruption is logical issue which is common reason for the data loss. But you can recover it by this software which is highly recomand

Follow these steps try to recover your image file. I hope it will work for you.

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