I'd been wringing my hands for two days over a failed computer (laptop) and the possibility that my Acronis sector-by-sector Image backup was not restoring it to a usable state using the Arconis Recovery Media boot.  I tried it twice and each time it resulted in a BSOD.

Last night, I searched for a method to create a Windows Recovery Tools USB from another computer.  I first happened on the iso from Major Geeks and that failed.  I had kept the search window open and your link was a few down from the Major Geeks link so I dove in. 

Your Windows 10 Recovery Tools - Bootable PE Rescue Disk booted.  I verified the partition information on the local drive to ensure that everything was in its place.  Scanning around other available tools, I noticed the Acronis icon so I clicked it.  I was able to access my previous Image backup so initiated a recovery through your interface, sector-by-sector, as I had done from the Acronis Recovery media.  I went to bed expecting failure in the morning.

I was pleasantly surprised when the reboot delivered me to my functioning operating system.  I have no idea why it didn't work from the Acronis Recovery Media but, now that I know this, I will ALWAYS use your software in the future if I have a conundrum on that laptop or any other Windows 10 device in my home office.  

Whoever put this toolset together is a genius.  Thank you!