I like AdwCleaner a lot and used it successfully to clean lots of systems of my family and friends.  =)

I found some small regressions:

- Instead of 'Uninstall' the right button should be called 'Uninstall AdwCleaner'. Many people confuse 'clean' with 'uninstall'... But probably this is just a poor translation to German? Instead of 'Deinstallieren' this button should be called 'AdwCleaner entfernen'

- You click on 'Scan', then click on 'Abort' or click the [x] button of the AdwCleaner-window. In this cases AdwCleaner still finishes its scan but then closes immediately. On 'Abort' it should not close completely but just go back to the main window. When clicking [x] it should close pretty much instantaneously.

Greetings and keep up the good work!


Re: Some small regressions

Greetings Rooter,

thank you for your feedback, it has been forwarded to Xplode.