The software does not accept all drive letters. If the drive letter is U the software replies that I have typed a WRONG ("letra erronea") letter. If I change it to (I:) it works. Does this program have a specific range of drive letters to be used?

Any specific reason to limit the letter range?


Spanish translation:

Este programa no acepta todas letras, por ejemplo para la letra U responde que es una "letra erronea".

Qual es la razon de limitar el diapason de las letras utilizadas?

Re: USB File Resc - some drive letters NOT ACCEPTED


I've forwarded your feedback to USB File Resc author, he will answer as soon as possible.


Re: USB File Resc - some drive letters NOT ACCEPTED

Hello, good day to everyone.

Liina, you're right. USB File Resc was designed to be used on removable disks, usually do not have a range of letters so far from normal, causing them to be limited from letter D to S. Most of the time, removable disks are assigned letters D, E, F, H, I. It is an idea that we have had since we started with this project and so far only you have noticed, what a good observation !.

If you like, we can expand the range of letters from A to Z, if you see it necessary.

A pleasure to greet you. :)

Re: USB File Resc - some drive letters NOT ACCEPTED

Dear Sirs,

I apologize for the enormous delay.

I was out of the country and all this kind of correspondence was only on my desktop.

No expansion needed ! 

The software is great - 100%. I am very happy about it. This was not a complaint, but just an interesting detail, that I found while testing it.

I appreciate very much your reply, as a prove of care and respect to all participants and users.

And again like I said - it's a fine software, leave it as it is. Good, more than enough !!!