Ugg... I have this stupid ad hijacker that i cannot find to remove and it is driving me crazy!   When browsing in Chrome  and you click on anything it opens a new tab wanting to you download some software to update files on your computer, or directs you to a buy a russian bride website, or tells you have a virus that must be removed in 60 seconds... if you get that one it locks up your computer and you have to do a hard reboot.     no virus software has found it   adware and junkware say nothing is there.  I have run malwarebytes, spybot,super antispyware, and hitman,   they all tell me my computer is clean.. and yet.. open chrome  click on something and up it pops.... I even run the ad blocker extension on chrome........     the common thread is the tab is something like OpenSoftware Downloads       and it always wants me to download something.. which of course I don't...  

I have no idea where it is hiding to send you anything to evaluate  so please provide me with specific instructions so you can help me.

Re: ad hijacker not removed by any program - its hiding somewhere


I don't understand if you have already used AdwCleaner or not, so if not :

  • Download AdwCleaner and make a scan with it. Then, share the generated logfile here (copy/paste it).

If you've already have:

  • Pleasehare the logfile from C:\AdwCleaner\


  • Download FRST
  • Right-click on the file -> "Execute as Administrator"
  • Click on the "Scan" button
  • The logfile is saved as FRST.txt , and additional informations are in Addition.txt.
  • Please host them on Up2Share and share the generated links.

Best regards,