How come I always get threats? I make sure I visit barely any websites other than YouTube and I still get threats sometimes. Here's the log:

What is this and how can you get something like this?  After using the internet, I got a warning from Malwarebytes that a malicious website has been blocked:

Adwcleaner successfully removed the things listed in the log but I don't know if threats will continue. I'm kinda panicing :P

Re: I'm getting really frustrated now...

Here are some things to go by, tailored to you and leaving out more complicated things like NoScript:


1) Use Firefox as much as possible and not Internet Explorer, unless you really absolutely must.

2) Install these add-ons for Firefox: BetterPrivacy, Disconnect, Https Everywhere, Ghostery, Privacy Badger, uBlock Origin


Since you mentioned Youtube, you will also like to have Youtube High Definition add-on which can control the default resolution of videos without having to change it for each one each time.