Can anyone please advise:  I'm trying to remove DNSUnlocker from my mothers laptop, & was told AdwCleaner could do the job.  I am testing it at home on my computer 1st, & it found 128 threats on my computer!  How accurate are the results shown?  I noticed there is no way within the program to do backup of some kind on changes I make.  If I have run AdwCleaner with option settings unchanged/at default, & allow program to clean everything/128 threats it reports, will everything still work properly on my computer when I'm done?  By this I mean, is there a good chance that a reported threat are NOT actually a threat, and If I let program clean the particular file, afterwards, where ever that file was used (the program/software on my computer) may not function properly?  If so, & a user ends up accidently removing file & this happens, how would one go about fixing/restoring it?

Also, when using Adwcleaner, could someone explain different option choices?  What are programs best option settings to use?  

Thanks for any help with AdwCleaner program.  It's hard to find trustworthy software & info regarding malware removal, & this program appears to fall into this catagory, at least for me, so I am trying to understand program to be able to use it most effectively.   



Re: AdwCleaner option default settings & subsequent result cleaning


Since you've also send us an email, I've answered you there.