Updated to 6.020 and get the sqlite3.dll error when clicking the scan button. I have uninstalled from the program and reinstalled numerous times with the same error. Any suggestions?


Re: sqlite3 error


Ok. We'll need to remove the conflicting file:

First, we'll remove AdwCleaner:

  • Download DelFix from Xplode on your desktop;
  • Launch it with administrator rights;
  • Select all the option except the one proposing to save the registry;
  • Then click on the "Execute" button;
  • When everything is finish, the software will close itself;
  • Then a report appear on the notepad, please copy paste it's content in your answer.

Then, we'll remove the conflicting file:

  1. Download CCleaner from here, and install it.
  2. Start CCleaner (there should be a shortcut on your Desktop)
  3. Go in Options tab > Advanced, untick Only delete Windows temporary files older than 24 hours.
  4. Then in Options  tab > Surveillance, untick the both boxes.
  5. In the Clean tab, click on "Clean".
  6. When the cleaning is done, go in the "Registry" tab, click on "Find errors" and then "Fix".

Finally, please relaunch AdwCleaner: https://toolslib.net/downloads/viewdownload/1-adwcleaner/

Tell me if it's better.

Best regards,

Re: sqlite3 error

# DelFix v1.013 - Logfile created 04/10/2016 at 22:00:41
# Updated 17/04/2016 by Xplode
# Username : Lewlew - BLACKHOLE
# Operating System : Windows 7 Professional Service Pack 1 (64 bits)

~ Activating UAC ... OK

~ Removing disinfection tools ...

Deleted : C:\FRST Deleted : C:\AdwCleaner Deleted : C:\RegBackup Deleted : C:\TDSSKiller. Deleted : HKCU\console_combofixbackup Deleted : HKLM\SOFTWARE\OldTimer Tools Deleted : HKLM\SOFTWARE\AdwCleaner Deleted : HKLM\SOFTWARE\Swearware Deleted : HKLM\SOFTWARE\TrendMicro\Hijackthis Deleted : HKLM\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Control\SafeBoot\Minimal\PEVSystemStart Deleted : HKLM\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Control\SafeBoot\Minimal\procexp90.Sys Deleted : HKLM\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Control\SafeBoot\Network\PEVSystemStart Deleted : HKLM\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Control\SafeBoot\Network\procexp90.Sys Deleted : HKLM\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Enum\Root\LEGACY_ASWMBR

~ Cleaning system restore ...

New restore point created !

~ Resetting system settings ... OK

########## - EOF - ##########


Donated:) And thanks for the fix. I really appreciate it.

Re: sqlite3 error


Great ! Thanks a lot :)