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from ****, (05 november 2015)

@SPARTACUS Do not blame changelog AdwCleaner I have been using this program since the "Beta" version never had a problem and wish to thank the developer for this program this and Malwarebytes has saved me a lot of bs excespcially dloadin torrent files such as games and software you never know what viruses and malware are hiding in these files . And back to @SPARTACUS your "other perfectly good programs "you say you had with your chrome extensions you should of unchecked them before running clean setting and I believe there is a pop up could be wrong but if my mem serves me right a pop up comes up after scanning files before clean it says pls uncheck files and extensions you wish to keep I always have to do this cause I have a bunch of "PUP" but other first time users pls disregard this person comment I've been using for years and love this program


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from cocochepeau, (30 october 2015)

@SPARTACUS Sorry that it happened. What was these "other perfectly good programs" that AdwCleaner removed ? I also insists that we recommend to ask for help on our support forum while using such a tool. AdwCleaner let you choose what elements you want to remove. Finally, you can always easily restore deleted files by using the quarantine.



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from ****, (20 september 2015)

bonjour et merci pour ton logiciel :)
je viens jute de scaner mon PC et j'ai un dote sur les objet trouvé
notamment des lignes dans le registre voici le rapport peut tu me donner ton avis merci...

# AdwCleaner v5.008 - Rapport créé le 20/09/2015 à 20:03:53
# Mis à jour le 18/09/2015 par Xplode
# Base de données : 2015-09-20.1 [Serveur]
# Système d'exploitation : Windows 7 Home Premium Service Pack 1 (x64)
# Nom d'utilisateur : Stephane - STEPHANE-PC
# Exécuté depuis : C:\Users\Stephane\Downloads\adwcleaner_5.008.exe
# Option : Scanner
# Support :

***** [ Services ] *****

***** [ Dossiers ] *****

***** [ Fichiers ] *****

Fichier Trouvé : C:\Users\Stephane\AppData\Roaming\Mozilla\Firefox\Profiles\\user.js

***** [ Raccourcis ] *****

***** [ Tâches planifiées ] *****

***** [ Registre ] *****

Clé Trouvée : HKLM\SOFTWARE\Classes\Record\{2009AF2F-5786-3067-8799-B97F7832FDD6}
Clé Trouvée : HKLM\SOFTWARE\Classes\Record\{425E7597-03A2-338D-B72A-0E51FFE77A7E}
Clé Trouvée : HKLM\SOFTWARE\Classes\Record\{915BB7D5-082E-3B91-B1E0-45B5FDE01F24}
Clé Trouvée : HKLM\SOFTWARE\Classes\Record\{FB2E65F4-5687-33EF-9BBF-4E3C9C98D3B9}
Clé Trouvée : HKLM\SOFTWARE\Google\Chrome\Extensions\jbolfgndggfhhpbnkgnpjkfhinclbigj
Clé Trouvée : HKCU\Software\Classes\CLSID\{80922EE0-8A76-46AE-95D5-BD3C3FE0708D}

***** [ Navigateurs ] *****

########## EOF - C:\AdwCleaner\AdwCleaner[S14].txt - [1219 octets] ##########


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from omega-three, (18 september 2015)

Is there a bug in 5,008 it advises to delete files in c:/program data/product data which contains loads of files ?


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from chrisdelg, (18 september 2015)

Bonjour. et merci pour cette mise à jour.

Depuis la version 5.008, Adwcleaner me trouve comme fichier qui appartient à l'antivirus Avira :


Est-ce un faux positif ? ou pas ?
D'avance merci.


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from jjunkk, (15 september 2015)

Here is the translation to English. I just used Google.
Then I took a screen shot of WinUpdateFix. The you can change the instruction boxes to English. Then print out the altered picture and use that for reference.


OS : Microsoft Windows 7

SP : Pas de données
SP : No Data

Architecture : 64 bits

Session en cours : Corentin
Session : Current

[Windows Update]

Etat : Démarré
State : Started

Actif (2)
Active (2)

Dernière Maj effectuée le
Last Shift effected

Date time



Mises á jour automatiques
Automatic Updates

Etat : Démarré
State : Started

Statut : Automatigue
Status : Automatic


Etat : Démarré
State : Started

Statut : Automatigue
Status : Automatic

[Service de cryptographie]
[Cryptographic Service]

Etat : Démarré
State : Started

Statut : Automatigue
Status : Automatic


Effacer le cataloque des mises á jour
Clear the catalog updates

Réinscrire les Dll
Regester the DLLs

Vider le dossier Software Distribution
Empty the Software Distribution folder

Réínitialíser les paramétres Winsock
Reset Winsock Settings

Supprimer les fichiers temporaires
Delete temporary files

Reinitialiser les descripteurs de securite
Reset security descriptors

Supprimer le proxy
Remove proxy

Restaurer les policies
Restore policies

Effacer la file d'attente BITS
Clear the BITS queue


Tous Aucun
All No



Créer un rapport de
Create a diagnostic


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from tonypl6, (13 september 2015)

I love this tool!
I've donated a couple of times.

Now, I would like to make you an offer for making a Bulgarian translation for it. Of course free of charge, just for the contribution.

And I'd like to ask, why not include all the translators name in a tab in your app and/or in the app's description. Let me show you an example:
- The DD-WRT project, in every firmware there is a link in the upper left where you can get more information about the project, the current version and all its translators. Here is an online demo page:

You can add a "change language" menu with the translators names in your toolstrip. I believe it is hard to find the change language menu. I can see that you post a lot of language packs updates in the change log, but I can't find a way to change the language in reality. Maybe make it a little bit easier or include the procedure for changing the language in your online manual.

I hope you'll contact me soon. (toolslib account, gmail email or facebook profile)
Keep up the good work! Thanks.


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from QuanNHd, (05 september 2015)

Thank group development.
You have one tool user support is great. However, recently I saw many Adware has improved faster, harder to remove and seek more, we create multiple folders and files in the% Appdata% and programdata that Adwcleaner not removed thoroughly, besides lots other offer inserted directly to the browser, it's difficult to find the file, you have any plans for this problem yet?
Hopefully we will soon be put into the software to uninstall completely. Good luck.


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from QuanNHd, (05 september 2015)

Cảm ơn nhóm phát triển.
Các bạn đã có 1 một công cụ hỗ trợ người dùng rất tuyệt vời. Tuy nhiên, gần đây tôi thấy có nhiều Adware đã cải tiến nhanh hơn, khó gỡ bỏ và tìm kiếm hơn, chúng tạo nhiều thư mục và file trong %Appdata% và Programdata mà Adwcleaner chưa gỡ bỏ được triệt để, ngoài ra rất nhiều offer khác đã chèn trực tiếp lên trình duyệt, việc tìm file thật khó khăn, các bạn có phương án nào cho các vấn đề này chưa?
Mong là chúng sẽ sớm được đưa vào phần mềm để gỡ bỏ triệt để. Chúc các bạn thành công.


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from ****, (28 august 2015)

Hey, any possibility you could whitelist Zoho Assist Remote support software. agent.exe is the file name - thanks.