on Malwarebytes's page

from bideaumichele, (21 november 2017)

nettoyer les infections


on AdsFix's page

from BringBackDOS, (06 january 2015)

Here You Go! I translated it with Google Translate...

"AdsFix, designed by g3n km-h @ n @ is a tool made to the base, to disinfect infected shortcuts certified-search-toolbar, 22Find, awesomehp, nation-zoom and much more."

"AdsFix in its latest version, was added the destruction of most adware, hijackers and other infections browsers, delete files / folders, registry permissions in the firewall and restoration of the home pages of the main browsers."

" This utility will disinfect your browsers adware.
Say Stop the clutter cluttering your browser!"

Enjoy Life & Be Kind!

John B.


on AdwCleaner's page

from ****, (26 june 2014)

Thank You !
Adv Cleaner is the BEST cleaner I have ever used !!
it worked very fast and flawlessly getting rid of my pc infections any other cleaner could not detect.
The design of the site itself and the way it works it also an example of efficiency and excellence !