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from EParker, (20 october 2021)

Trojan is a dedicated security software designed to help detect and stop malware attacks from others online. We have a number of Trojan bots on our site, but we have a Trojan Killer dedicated to use against Trojan botnet infections. Here you can check to complete their university work. This program detects the Trojan programs that are used to attack our website and help us protect our users.


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from bideaumichele, (21 november 2017)

nettoyer les infections


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from ****, (26 june 2014)

Thank You !
Adv Cleaner is the BEST cleaner I have ever used !!
it worked very fast and flawlessly getting rid of my pc infections any other cleaner could not detect.
The design of the site itself and the way it works it also an example of efficiency and excellence !