Re: Ransomware .shit?

Browsing old threads and safe to say, that Locky won't be decryptable for quite some time. Considering that new versions of it are coming out, making it even more complicated to do anything. You can read more on Malwarebytes and The Hacker News. Even Kaspersky's attempts at that have failed. Hopefully, we can have the master key somehow, or a lucky break in decryption. Other than that, you can ...

Re: Ransomware .shit?

Hello, Pelle!

It's sad to say, but all versions of Locky ransomware, including .shit can't be decrypted. The only thing that you can do is to delete the virus from your PC and try to avoid the suchlike infection next time. Of course, you should keep the encrypted files somewhere, to be able to decrypt them when the decryption tool will be released. If you're interested in this - this article m...

AES256 Hexadecimal

I have an AES256 key in hexadecimal "8A64E947DAA12B6B7761F30192219270883F24D358D55A1E98E5364B801E9120".

That key is encrypted in AES256 and have to decrypt the following key and initialization vector:

Key = "517565747A616C636F61746C5349495038383838383838382020202020202020"

IV = "00000000000000000000000000000000".

The result of the decryption must be a string of 64 characters (hexadecimal).