Re: Is this a false positive?

on AdwCleaner by Nec

The fact that this is Spanish(Maybe?) makes it very VERY difficult to read.... Any way you could turn it into English? On the first glance noticed some things that MIGHT be potential issues, unsure, cause..... I am not yet used to reading the logs, and different language doesn't help the issue :)

JoshRoss, 2017-09-07 14:26:07 (UTC)

Of course sorry.

If you see something that is not translat...

Re: Is this a false positive?

on AdwCleaner by Nec

Ports, applications, accessibility. Maybe your other device is used a lot less, you haven't messed with any ports or have any applications that require forwarding. Honestly, very weird issue, I would need to investigate the files. Can you scan your PC With Farbar MiniToolBox and Malwarebytes JRT? Post the logs that you get.

JoshRoss, 2017-09-06 13:16:38 (UTC)

MiniToolBox by Farbar  Version...

Re: Is this a false positive?

on AdwCleaner by Nec

This could be a worm (Network virus). And you might need to reflash your routers software. Check your network settings or network device and see if there are static IP's in place. Could you try disconnecting from the network, cleaning up your PC with Malwarebytes and Adwcleaner, restart PC and see if the issue persists? If it doesn't, try connecting to a different network and see if it happens...

Re: Is this a false positive?

on AdwCleaner by Nec

It looks like your PC's DHCP IP's have been altered maliciously not too long ago. Which it would make sense why one PC detects it, and another doesn't. Default addresses can be hijacked and used for malicious intents. It is hard to say whether it is a false positive or not. You could always reset your PCs IP's and router to see if that solves the problem. 

JoshRoss, 2017-09-04 12:22:20 (UTC)


Re: Error ADW


Before doing what is described above by JoshRoss, please try the following manipulation:

  1. Activate the debug mode (go to Tools > Options > tick "debug")
  2. Then, do a scan and a clean to trigger the crash
  3. Finally, please share the file C:\AdwCleaner\AdwCleaner_Debug.log in your next answer


Re: Potential false positives?

PUP is usually named a Potentially Unwanted Program. It doesn't always have to be malware or malicious software. If MMO's have their anti-cheat in form of "Pando", it might interact with files at the system level, which AdwCleaner could deem treating a very normal reaction. Keep in mind that different malware removal software targets malicious software different ways. While one anti-malware so...

Re: Version scaling over 100%


A screenshot for the record:


JoshRoss: You're right and it's a bit tricky to correctly handle, but we'll try for the next release.

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