Re: Error ADW

I did the same with my second machine with WIN 8.1. The same problem, the same error message. Atgtached pls find the content of the debug log file.

2017-08-01 13:14:15.535 DEBUG [9084] [MainUI::buttonScanClicked@294] [i] Scan button clicked (-31986) 2017-08-01 13:14:15.538 DEBUG [8304] [MainUI::Entry@1271] [+] Checking for update... 2017-08-01 13:14:16.040 DEBUG [8304] [AdwCleanerSDK::checkCA...

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Re: Version 7 FPs (262 elements)


  1. Download FRST 
  2. Download fixlist.txt file and save it to the Desktop.

NOTE. It's important that both files, FRST/FRST64 and fixlist.txt are in the same location or the fix will not work.

NOTICE: This script was written specifically for this user, for use on that particular machine. Running this on another machine may cause damage to your operating system.

Run FRST/FRST64 and press the...

Re: Version 7 FPs (262 elements)

I have no proxies on either machine.

Just updated and ran scan - still same result as yesterday as below - 280 entires found!

The Chrome entries found are simply my personalisations for the Chrome start up page! Should definately not be selected or cleaned!

# AdwCleaner - Logfile created on Fri Jul 21 08:26:44 2017 # Updated on 2017/17/07 by Malwarebytes # Database: 07-16-2017.1 # Ru...

Re: vers 7.0


1) so which is the correct shape of the c\adwcleaner\quarantine folder for v7?


2)having dl the latest v7 i expected to have all its folders in the correct way...

You have, and it's not the issue here. Both v6 and v7 can run on the same machine.

3)in the past yr tool let us CHOOSE if an ele...

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probleme scan adwcleaner

bonjours avec la version 6.047 rien au niveau du scan

la version 7.000 me trouve cela pouvez vous me dire si c grave merci d avance

# AdwCleaner - Logfile created on Tue Jul 18 18:14:29 2017 # Updated on 2017/17/07 by Malwarebytes # Database: 07-18-2017.1 # Running on Windows 7 Professional (X86) # Mode: scan # Support:

***** [ Services ] *****


[faux positif] STORE



Suite à signalement et essais personnels  je vous signale ce faux positif :

Tout dossier nommé STORE est systématiquement détecté comme malveillant.

Store en anglais, outre de vouloir dire de base "Magasin", veut aussi dire stockage (Storage)

Ce faux positif peu porter atteinte sur certaines machines utilisées dans le commerce, la gestion (entre autre)



Re: Cleaning process for both Vista32: there is something to be erased?

Hello dear fr33tux,

taa taratàtta taaaaaa (I-II-III C trumpets)

pim popopìm pom p'rrrrrrrr (kettledrums in G-C)

You will understand the reason for this Fanfare by looking at the following report (after the....11th pass!) for B_Desktop:

No words, music only! :D 

[ If there were a portable (!) USB version for Windows I could do a further t...

problême dual-boot windows 10 - adwares à l'installation de cyberlink mediasuite 15: infecté par registry first aid & par systweak

Bonjour à tous,

voila depuis le 10 mai sur ma tour et mon notebook,

1) j'ai défragmenté le disque C:/

2) grace à ma clé usb bootable Cubuntu Live Toshiba commandée sur Amazon, j'ai dans la partie live lancée l'installation de Cubuntu pour faire un dualboot windows 10-cubuntu, l'installation à réussi, mais ensuite à sa fin il y à marqué "erreur de création du Grub Syslinux", me privant de boo...