Re: Is this a false positive?

on AdwCleaner by Nec

The fact that this is Spanish(Maybe?) makes it very VERY difficult to read.... Any way you could turn it into English? On the first glance noticed some things that MIGHT be potential issues, unsure, cause..... I am not yet used to reading the logs, and different language doesn't help the issue :)

JoshRoss, 2017-09-07 14:26:07 (UTC)

Of course sorry.

If you see something that is not translat...

Re: Is this a false positive?

on AdwCleaner by Nec

Ports, applications, accessibility. Maybe your other device is used a lot less, you haven't messed with any ports or have any applications that require forwarding. Honestly, very weird issue, I would need to investigate the files. Can you scan your PC With Farbar MiniToolBox and Malwarebytes JRT? Post the logs that you get.

JoshRoss, 2017-09-06 13:16:38 (UTC)

MiniToolBox by Farbar  Version...

Re: can't remove

I figure by now you probably have figured it out, but I came across this when I was still looking for answers.  3 hours later I was finally free of that crap. 

I basically ran malwarebytes (I turned on search for rootkits under settings just to be sure), AdwCleaner, HitmanPro until nothing was found before finally removing google chrome completely.  And the real problem was that the url redire...

Re: win 10 vers 1607 home 64 bit and avira free...


Did you try to remove and then re-install Avira?

  1. First, uninstall Avira;
  2. Use CCleaner, available on the following link:
    1. Start CCleaner (there should be a shortcut on your Desktop or where you downloaded it);
    2. Go in Options tab > Advanced, untick Only delete Windows temporary files older than 24 hours;
    3. Then in Options tab > Surveillanc...

Re: Le logiciel ne se lance pas


Cette application n'a pas été mise à jour depuis 2015. Il y a de très fortes chances pour qu'elle ne soit plus maintenu par son auteur. Je peux vous conseiller d'utiliser CCleaner, qui devrait largement correspondre à vos attentes.

Pour télécharger CCleaner, rendez-vous ici :


Re: Adwcleaner Command Line interface -version CLI


Et un petit doute sur l'absence de PUP sur les logiciels Piriform.

Ccleaner en comporte, sauf si on prend la version slim:

--> Il propose Google Chrome.

Re: Adwcleaner Command Line interface -version CLI


je réponds bien tard...désolé.

Pour la CLI, pas moyen d'avoir une version béta, avant la sortie de la nouvelle version 7? car les tests existent bien apparemment, et ça a l'air prometteur :-)

Pour Auslogic disk defrag, j'ai bien noté la réponse.

Ceci dit les versions un peu anciennes d'Auslogic Dis...

Re: Adwcleaner Command Line interface -version CLI


Tout d'abord, merci pour vos retours.

Non, la version 6.043 ne dispose pas de la CLI.

Concernant Auslogic, nous avons fait le choix de le qualifier de PUP justement à cause de ces pratiques douteuses. Vous trouverez plus d'informations ici :

Je peux vous conseiller un autre très bon logiciel de dégragmentation. Il s'agit de Defraggler (par l'éditeur...

Re: Owner


I recommend CCleaner:

Feel free to tell me if you need help using it. :)


Re: AdwCleaner needs a .dll for running


You can't use any sqlite3.dll file, AdwCleaner uses a very specific one. We'll need some cleaning before:

- Launch AdwCleaner, ignore the error message. Click on File > Uninstall.


  1. Download CCleaner from here, and install it.
  2. Start CCleaner (there should be a shortcut on your Desktop)
  3. Go in Options tab > Advanced, untick Only delete Windows temporary files older than 24 hours....