Re: New user - puzzling behaviour

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Thanks for the reply, but it leaves my main points unanswered.


But has you said, at least this folder doesn't exists any more and that's just what we want. :)"

No, I said the opposite! I did not want this entire folder removed, with its many subfolders.

Nor do I understand you explanation about 'duplicates'. I asked why the first line 'Folder deleted' is contradicted by the ...

New user - puzzling behaviour

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Just installed AdwCleaner v5.007 and ran it for first time.

I've uploaded the report here:

I'd appreciate advice on three points please:

1. Deleted folder

I don't understand how I should interpret these entries: ***** [ Folders ] *****

[-] Folder Deleted : C:\Docs\radio
[!] Folder Not Deleted : C:\Docs\radio
[!] Fold...