pc très infecté

Bonjour à tous,


j'ai téléchargé Nero, RogueKiller & µTorrent sur un mauvais site et j'ai eu 400 malwares sur mon pc,

Dead Rising 3 softonic viruses

Dead Rising 3 softonic viruses

I used adwcleaner to clean these viruses but they just keep on returning after boot-up.

Here are the names:

-Registry- [-] Key deleted: HKCU\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Explorer\FileExts\.wiz

-Web browser- [-] [utorrent.en.softonic.com] [Search Provider] Deleted: utorrent.en.softonic.com [-] [dead-rising-3.en.softonic.com] [Search Provider] Delet...

Re: Safe USB ?

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I'm not quite sure what you are asking?  If I have to guess are to trying to say how to safely remove USB?  

To safely remove an USB please see this PC Magazine article https://www.pcworld.com/article/254868/safely_remove_usb_drives_just_by_unplugging_them.html

Hope this helps.

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Re: PUP's from online studies - harmless or not?

I have removed them and i know everything about the site. I just wanted to know if they are rather serious or just ad related. I remove them at the end of my day when i turn of my pc anyhow so i just wanted to be save in case they do something rather fishy (track keystrokes for example.)

pc très infecté

Bonjour à tous,


j'ai téléchargé Nero, RogueKiller & µTorrent sur un mauvais site et j'ai eu 400 malwares sur mon pc,




supprimer Anvi Slim Toolbar, DNS Unlocker & Anime Wallpaper - problême pour créer self-extractor archive sfx de 20 Go


je me présente, je m'appelles broul,

je devais m'inscrire chez coolman ce matin mais malgré le bon pseudo/mail/mot de passe ça me dit mot de passe/pseudo érroné (je pense à un virus réseau) donc je suis venu m'inscrire sur toolslib

j'ai un pc sous w10 acheté en 2005, mis à jour vers w8 en 2011 et w10 en 2016,


j'été infecté par reimage en 2014,


après une prise en charge sur f...

Re: AdwCleaner Deleted one of my folders


Sorry for the late answer.

The FP will be removed from the database asap.

Also, can you share a screenshot of the quarantined folder?


Re: ***caught unhandled unknown exception; terminating

sorry guys this was my mistake,i did not realize that i hadnt uninstalled all iobit software,they had installed another app without my knowledge,once i uninstalled it and rescanned it removed all files.case closed.

Adwclwaner y Norton anti-virus

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Re: Cannot uninstall adwcleaner

That’s not necessary. AdwCleaner does not  “install” anything more than what I listed above. Hence why you don’t ever need to go to add/remove programs on the Windows Control Panel in order to “uninstall” the software.

To be more precise, the AdwCleaner executable is portable. It just creates an extra folder at the following location C:\AdwCleaner.