Re: False Positives V7

Is anyone from the AdwCleaner team able to comment about this yet?

SWBUser, 2017-08-29 20:09:30 (UTC)

It would be nice wouldn't it? I am solving this myself, by uninstalling AdwCleaner and not recommending it to those requesting help on a forum where I am a mod. Too bad, very good tool, one of the best for removing PUP's but not going to sacrifice SpywareBlaster's ability to block them so ...

Re: False Positives V7

Since V7 I've been getting false positives on all my machines - often ones reported by others.  I suspect they are down to using SypwareBlaster.  This is an old but quite safe program which puts kill bits in the registry to prevent undesireable stuff running.  I think it would be worth installing SpywareBlaster then "enabling all protection", then see what ADWCleaner makes of it.  Thanks.


Re: My First Post: Are These Internet Explorer\ActiveX Compatibility Entries False Positives

Thanks, I much appreciate the input... It would also be much appreciated if one of the administrators would chime in on this topic to verify that all the "ActiveX Compatibility" registry entries are truly FP's, and if so will there be an update to correct this.

In the thread, "False Positives V7" by, SWBUser, his log file also contains a long list of  "ActiveX Compatibility" registry entries a...