liste des applications et malwares désinstallés par ADSFix & Pre_Scan

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voici la liste des applications & virus désinstallés par Pre_Scan & ADSFix:


Advanced SystemProtector (Systweak)

OneSafe PC Cleaner

Registry First Aid

Reimage Repair

Smart Privacy Cleaner






Slimware Utilities


Iolo System Mechanic

Qihoo 360 Total Security





Re: Comment supprimer des dossiers vides dans mes images

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ADWCleaner not update database

Hello. I use AdwCleaner, but for some time the database does not update, sure the problem is not from Comodo Firewall, other security solutions are updating.Do not update either in safe mode with the network. Thanks.

Re: AdwCleaner has stopped working

Thanks.  Realized that the 7.0.7 ToolsLib download page offers to display several security hashes for reference.  To close off my request above:  The MD5 shown there matches mine at this end despite repeated reported issues encountered in downloading the file from ToolsLib.  FYI/toss.


Re: Coin.hive


Please refer to this blogpost:

I'm available if you have any questions.



Tu dois avoir cette infection :

Passe un coup (voire plusieurs) d'AVCertClean :

Ensuite AdwCleaner (et Malwarebytes) devrait pouvoir se lancer.

Erreurs version AdwCleaner

Bonjour, ** Divers problèmes avec AdwCleaner, RKill, etc, sur votre site qui sont détectés en "Faux Positifs" par "Bitdefender Total Security 2018", jusqu'à empêcher par moment le téléchargement et pire, l'installation tout en modifiant les fichiers finaux et donc la somme de "Hash". Problèmes résolus après les avoir ajoutés dans les "Exclusions" de "Bitdefender".

*** Et détection de "Faux Pos...

Re: Win XP support


There is a possibility to realize an XP support in current version.


I wrote back in August to fr33tux and sent him screens with explanations on how to add XP support to your project. So for now it seems like a MBAM PR action that you don't want to realize such support (though you can).  

It's not a question of technical difficulty, it's a choice to not support an OS no longe...

Major difficulties with AdwCleaner v.

I am helping a friend clean a grossly infected computer. Windows 10. Uses McAfee AV.

He ran Malwarebytes 3 without difficulty and it cleaned with no problem at all. I do have the log if needed but cannot find a way to attach the text file

He then attempted to use AdwCleaner v. but it would not complete cleaning and received a box with notification that a problem had stopped the clean....

Re: CCleaner Malware


This is out of the scope of AdwCleaner. I invite you to use Malwarebytes 3 for this issue:

Here are some more informations about CCleaner 5.33:

Feel free to ask if you need more details/help.