Re: Error ADW

I did the same with my second machine with WIN 8.1. The same problem, the same error message. Atgtached pls find the content of the debug log file.

2017-08-01 13:14:15.535 DEBUG [9084] [MainUI::buttonScanClicked@294] [i] Scan button clicked (-31986) 2017-08-01 13:14:15.538 DEBUG [8304] [MainUI::Entry@1271] [+] Checking for update... 2017-08-01 13:14:16.040 DEBUG [8304] [AdwCleanerSDK::checkCA...

Faux positifs ?

Voilà ce que j'ai trouvé dans la rubrique "Firefox" :


--> Ligne 49 : user_pref("","this is my first firefox searchEngine");

--> Ligne 50 : user_pref("","smt");

--> Ligne 51 : user_pref("","WDCXWD10EADS-22M2B0-WD-WCAV5753890038900")...

[Solved] Eliminar "newcpuspeedcheck" virus [ESP /// ENG] Delete virus "newcpuspeedcheck"

"newcpuspeed", "newcpuspeedcheck" y "cpufix.exe" es el nombre del nuevo virus que infecta nuestras memorias USB y nuestra computadora.

Se tiene investigado que el virus empezó a infectar las computadoras desde Junio del 2017. El virus infecta al USB creando un acceso directo llamado "Downloads" y una carpeta invisible llamada "newcpuspeedcheck". Dentro de dicha carpeta, contiene los siguientes...

Re: False positives?

It's true I haven't restarted the PC since this whole thing started. Plus while I have IE installed I don't actually use it, not even browser helper objects or anything like that. Though I don't know if that counts for anything.

Many Bugs

Hello, firstly, thanks for this amazing tool


I can't see the Quarantine items (file(s)/folder(s)/registry etc..)


I  see that message(every scan)

2017-07-22 21:35:20.459 DEBUG [4180] [MainUI::buttonScanClicked@292] [i] Scan button clicked (-31986)
2017-07-22 21:35:20.463 DEBUG [2356] [MainUI::Entry@1241] [+] Checking for update...
2017-07-22 21:35:21.399 DEBUG [2356] [AdwCleanerSDK...

Re: Version 7 FPs (262 elements)

I have no proxies on either machine.

Just updated and ran scan - still same result as yesterday as below - 280 entires found!

The Chrome entries found are simply my personalisations for the Chrome start up page! Should definately not be selected or cleaned!

# AdwCleaner - Logfile created on Fri Jul 21 08:26:44 2017 # Updated on 2017/17/07 by Malwarebytes # Database: 07-16-2017.1 # Ru...

Re: PUP.Legacy.Optional - 3 Threats Identified

Thanks. It was with the Chrome browser ?

Re: PUP.Legacy.Optional - 3 Threats Identified

Thanks for the feedback. The first time browser reset to duck was after identifying and removing 2 unwanted objectes (PUP.LEGACY.OPTIONAL). The second time it happened, however, was after the next safe mode scan in which no unwanted objects were detected. 

Re: PUP.Legacy.Optional - 3 Threats Identified


It's not a browser hijack, it's the search-engine setting that AdwCleaner set after removing a malicious one. This will be back to by default, with a dropdown in the Options UI to choose between seevral search engines.

Just to be sure, you say that Duckduckgo has been set even if you didn't get any Chrome or Firefox detections?