AdwCleaner has stopped woring

I tried using AdwCleaner version, but every time it stopped working.

I already tried "Mode > Debug", "Database > Local", Uninstalled AdwCleaner and running it as admin.

I'm using Windows 10 Pro with Bitdefender Antivirus Plus 2018 (no warnings from Bitdefender).

Re: Recovery of win 10 system

 Hello Mrmodo ,

Booting problem is common issue which we usually face. There is several issue of booting problem. Some of them is a single corrupt byte on your hard drive, buggy boot driver or missing registry key. Because the master boot record can become corrupt, damage and disappear. There is some manual recovery option like safe mode, start up repair. It these option works it is good for u...

Re: Malwarebytes 3 and avira


It's not only for Avira users - as I said above, it may result on unpredicted conflicts.

I do not recommend having multiple antiviruses running at the same time.

Re: Malwarebytes 3 and avira

Hi Cocochepeau, would you recommend disabling the real-time protection when using Malwarebytes 3 no matter what antivirus program you're using or is does that advice only for the Avira users?

Re: Malwarebytes 3 and avira


It might be related to conflicts between the two antiviruses, yes.


Re: BSOD tcpip.sys? at boot only

Hi yankeelady2015, you simply did a miracle! I performed the scannow as requested 16 day ago (CBS log posted above, with repairs). I tested the pc at reboot for about 10 days....always perfect!!! Thanks this wonderful forum my 10-years-old pc seems now to be a brand new pc! boot process in 3 minutes (inclusive antivirus) and zero hangs, zero BSOD: very good. I warmly warmly thank you a lot!!!! ...

Dead Rising 3 softonic viruses

Dead Rising 3 softonic viruses

I used adwcleaner to clean these viruses but they just keep on returning after boot-up.

Here are the names:

-Registry- [-] Key deleted: HKCU\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Explorer\FileExts\.wiz

-Web browser- [-] [] [Search Provider] Deleted: [-] [] [Search Provider] Delet...

Mon pc est lent, amazon assistant auto-installe seule, mon pc se déconnecte seul de la wifi

bonjour ou bonsoir,

j'ai besoin de votre aide precieuse. Je crois que mon pc est infesté.

Il est anormalement lent depuis quelque temps. Et pour combler le tout, amazon assistant s'est autoinstallé, j'ai beau supprimer de google chrome, il revient dès que je netoie mon ordi avec adwcleaner qui detecte comme

Je suis sur windows 10,

windows defender pour antivirus,

rkiller, Mal...

BSOD tcpip.sys? at boot only

Hi everyone, Hi dear Jerome, I go BSOD (or a simply "total OS hang" > power off) at boot **ONLY**, therefore I have to leave the pc always turned on (with zero problems) since 3 weeks. But I prefer the old behaviour, i.e. shutdown during every night ;) hardware and software are always the same here, since...a lot years. Memory: the long test told me all is ok: I stopped it after the 12th (!) p...

Re: crash à 10%

bonjour ok alors super :)

il arrive qu il faille cliquer sur "débloquer" dans les propriétés suivant les cas :)

possible aussi que le smartscreen bloque certaines actions ou l antivirus qu'il faut désactiver pendant l utilisation des outils :)