Re: Adwcleaner vs Malwarebytes

Referring to the FAQ linked above.

Are both AdwCleaner and Malwarebytes needed?

  • Yes!
  • AdwCleaner and Malwarebytes are designed to work well together
  • AdwCleaner specializes in adware and PUPs removal and does not offer real-time protection. It does a more thorough job of cleaning the left-over traces, OS configurations, and system modifications caused by malware.
  • Malwarebytes focuses more o...

Malwarebytes 3 and avira

Hey i didnt use malwarebytes 3 since december but wanted to check my pc right now (i usually do it with adwcleaner but well sometimes i just check everything) now onto the "problem" everytime i start the malwarebytes 3 scam my avira pops up with a warning that the admin blocked sth from doing sth to my registry i dont find any malware on my pc with malwarebytes nor adwcleaner and a full avira s...

Re: AdwCleaner

Why can AdwCleaner not erase  NetUtils2016.sys  in windows\system32\drivers\ ?

Windows 7 Pro.

dr...rodt, 2018-04-27 15:03:29 (UTC)

Hello dr...rodt,

I want you to take a look here

it explains NetUtils and how you received it and how to remove it.   Please read this post closely.  Any questions, ...

Re: Audyssey Labs

Bonjour yankeelady

Je pense que votre traducteur n'est pas très bon, pas grave.

Je n'ai plus le rapport, ni la quarantaine; tout supprimer.

La détection était : C:/ProgramData/Audysey Labs

Ce dossier était vide, certainement un restant d'une ancienne installation.

J'ai supprimé manuellement ce dossier.

Ensuite Supprimer dans Paramètres/ Application de AdwCleaner

Merci Bonne jour...

Re: Unwanted ads

Hi there marierenae

Welcome to Tools Lib ~  Ad Blocking Plus or Ublock Orgin will do the trick.  You can get one of them from the Google Play store on your phone. 

Hope this helps.


Unwanted ads

on ADS by marierenae

i want to block all ads on my Android phone

Re: Hello everyone

Hello and welcome to ToolsLib!

Please take a look at this thread first:


cocochepeau, 2018-03-01 19:51:15 (UTC)

Hi @cocochepeau,

If I may add, in addition to your link above, also include a link (for Newbies) to the forum guidelines/rules.

Just my opinion.  ????


Re: Adware Cleaner, Can It Really Stop Anything Except Healthy Software?

Hello Ethelena,

Welcome to ToolsLib,

Please answer the following questions in your reply.  First of all may I ask you what kind of

1)  anti virus software are you using? 

2)  What version Awd Cleaner are you using? 

3)  Do you have an ad blocking software installed on your computer? 

4)  Do you have PC Repair installed on your computer?

Warmest Regards,


Re: ***caught unhandled unknown exception; terminating

It should be ready for the end of the month or during April.

And we'll try to add more flags in the future. :)

cocochepeau, 2018-03-21 17:36:05 (UTC)