pc 1: notebook win7 infecté par utililab et anvisoft



Mon notebook sous la marque acer sous windows 7 x32,

Cpu: Intel atom Processor N450 (1,66 GHz, 512 KB cache) Memory: 1 gb Ram Battery: 6-cell Li-ion battery Storage: 250 GB HDD


Il y à les rogues et navigateurs malveillants suivants installés dessus:

Anvisoft Startup Booster

Utililab nitrobrowser

Utililab systemoptimizer

Et utililab driver updater (application bizarre qui i...

I can't download the tool with EagleGet downloader


When i try to download the tool with EagleGet, i always get an invalid file with wrong hashes, and i get "this app can't run on your pc" or "side-by-side configuration is wrong".

But whenever i download it directly with the browser, i get correct file with right hashes and it works fine.

Also when i downloaded it from here with EagleGet, it has been downloaded correctly without problems.  

The tool couldn't kill the adware


I have used the tool trying to remove an adware, but no results.

Here is the link of the malicious file:




It looks like the malicious URL doesn't download the file now, so i uploaded the file here.

Update 2:

After some investigation, it turned out that proxy settings have been manipula...

Re: AdwCleaner not a valid application

I am also using DownThemAll, but with Pale Moon browser. Everything is OK with built-in download manager.

Re: AdwCleaner not a valid application

I am using Firefox 56.0.2, with DownThemAll download manager addon. I get the same results as Psajko above.

Yes, it makes a difference if I download it in another browser, or in Firefox without using DTA. Now I've got the right file. (There must be a bug in DTA.) Thank you.

Re: AdwCleaner not a valid application


I'm currently not able to reproduce this issue.

What's your web browser?

Can you please try again by following this link: https://toolslib.net/downloads/finish/1-adwcleaner/



Hi, im sorry for my bad english, i have a problem, the virus or troyan, i dont know, "coin-hive", i already use adwcleaner, malwarebytes, and rkill, but it still in some pages, malwarebytes detects it in some pages, (i already clean the browser etc). If you can help me, i would appreciate it. Ty

Major difficulties with AdwCleaner v.

I am helping a friend clean a grossly infected computer. Windows 10. Uses McAfee AV.

He ran Malwarebytes 3 without difficulty and it cleaned with no problem at all. I do have the log if needed but cannot find a way to attach the text file

He then attempted to use AdwCleaner v. but it would not complete cleaning and received a box with notification that a problem had stopped the clean....

Re: Can anyone help me identify if any of these deleted registry keys are essential


First of all, sorry for the late answer.

Can you share the scan logfile as well? Thanks.


cocochepeau, 2017-09-19 06:55:31 (UTC)

# AdwCleaner - Logfile created on Sun Sep 10 01:05:26 2017 # Updated on 2017/29/08 by Malwarebytes  # Database: 09-08-2017.1 # Running on Windows 7 Home Basic (X64) # Mode: scan # Support: https://www.malwarebytes.com/support

***** [...

Re: Please help!


Batch2Exe is often detected by antivirus software. It may be the case here.

Did you try with another web browser?