Re: when a finally update of this 7.0.8 vers..??

..last update is on the very far 04 april..??!!..

what a real pity..


before when the tool was -indipendent- the updates were at least monthly..

you really  have to think of it..

Re: Hi all

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Re: Remove botton

If the remove button isn't working, then it's the right manner yes. AdwCleaner is still portable even if it creates some files inside C:\AdwCleaner.

Keep in mind tho that the folder can contain Quarantined files that you won't be able to retrieve after removal. So I would still recommend keeping the C:\AdwCleaner folder.


Re: cookie control


Can you give us more details, screenshots, ..? It would be very helpful.


Re: Mise à jour de logiciel, téléchargement


Le problème est toujours là :(



Re: Recovery of win 10 system

 Hello Mrmodo ,

Booting problem is common issue which we usually face. There is several issue of booting problem. Some of them is a single corrupt byte on your hard drive, buggy boot driver or missing registry key. Because the master boot record can become corrupt, damage and disappear. There is some manual recovery option like safe mode, start up repair. It these option works it is good for u...

Re: Remove botton

Hi, I confirm: even the 7.3 build wont unistall via Remove bottom. So before updating to a newer build I remove manually the executable and the C:\ folder (with logs...). I hope that this is the right manner. thanks.

AdwCleaner Downloading....

I am attempting to download the AdwCleaner, however it has been "downloading" for about an hour now. I went to the page that says "click here" if it doesn't download, but got a 505 error code. 

Re: Mise à jour de logiciel, téléchargement


Je vous réponds ici pour plus de simplicité. Il s'agit très certainement du fait que vous utilisez une connexion à faible bande passante, ce qui provoque l'arrêt prématuré de l'upload du fichier après un temps donné trop long. Nous allons augmenter la limite bientôt.

Si vous en avez la possibilité, en utilisant une connexion "plus rapide", vous devriez arriver sans problèmes à la fin...