Re: ADW 6.000 Crash ( Soucis de conversion variable Sysnative vers System 32)

Dossier System32

Dossier SysWow64


La tache coresponds au lancement automatique du system control manager de MSI ( nessesaire pour avoir certaines touches et activer la webcam)

False positive check

Detected by version 6. Please help me in case it's an actual infection.

# AdwCleaner v6.000 - Logfile created 13/08/2016 at 00:29:51
# Updated on 12/08/2016 by ToolsLib
# Database : 2016-08-12.4 [Server]
# Operating System : Windows 7 Home Premium Service Pack 1 (X86)
# Username : Gakutenou - FROSTIE
# Running from : C:\Documents\Downloads\adwcleaner_6.000.exe
# Mode: Scan
# Support : https...

Strange Report! Is it true from iolo System Mechanic?!


When i want to new scan for more security about my PC, Surprisingly i saw a strange thing in results

window that report the registry key is infected by the number 1 PC Optimizer: iolo System Mechanic

version 16.0.0485!!! Is the program is infected with spyware or viruses ?!


Adwcleaner broke my web browser

on AdwCleaner by


I used adwcleaner to scan and clean adware in my computer and these things happened to my web browser.

as same as other web browser (IE,Firefox) none of these can't connect any website.

I had to use system restore to recover my web browser, so I don't have any adwcleaner report. 

How can I fix this? Please help me. If you need any information, please tell m...

Re: internet navigation problem

---\\ Liste des pilotes du système (63) - 13s O58 - SDL:2013/08/22 14:43:41 A . (.LSI - LSI 3ware SCSI Storport Driver.) -- C:\Windows\System32\drivers\3ware.sys   [108896]  =>.Microsoft Windows® O58 - SDL:2013/08/22 14:43:41 A . (.PMC-Sierra - PMC-Sierra Storport  Driver For SPC8x6G SAS.) -- C:\Windows\System32\drivers\adp80xx.sys   [782176]  =>.Microsoft Windows® O58 - SDL:2013/08/22 14:43:41...

souci téléchargement adwcleaner

on AdwCleaner by

bonjour, j'ai un souci cela fait plusieurs fois que je tente de télécharger adwcleaner et voici ce qu'il me stipule quelqu'un peut il m'aider et me conseiller.


Re: Crash





Сигнатура проблемы:
  Имя события проблемы: APPCRASH
  Имя приложения: adwcleaner_5.108.exe
  Версия приложения:
  Отметка времени приложения: 56fc1e1f
  Имя модуля с ошибкой: SHLWAPI.dll
  Версия модуля с ошибкой: 6.1.7601.17514
  Отметка времени модуля с ошибкой: 4ce7b9e2
  Код исключения: c0000005
  Смещение исключения: 0001bb3a
  Версия ОС: 6.1.7601.

Re: HELP !! infecté par hijack.autoconfigurl qui a ensuite chargé d'autres daubes.......

Le script ne démarre après avoir appuyé sur GO :-(

je t'ai mis une copie d'écran, il y a juste une fenetre d'avertissement qui s'afiche