Re: My AdwCleaner has a problem

Have you had any other success determining the issue? Have you tried first scanning with Malwarebytes and then AdwCleaner afterward? What OS are you running and which version? Because that might cause an issue with compatibility (Very rare case). Try launching the application in the admin mode? This guide also has more info about compatibility, IF it is the issue. Speculating at this point. Let...

Re: nobot help detect some files

on NoBot by TazzyOpz

Hi, and yes ethminer is part of the Nicehash coin miner. However the file contains mining/bot behvaior. There will not be updates to make this file undetected. Your best solutions would be to add the file to your exceptions. With that being said I'm a little confused? Are you saying scvhost is a windows file?. The file found in your systems folder is sCvhost not sVchost. The sCvhost is not a wi...

Adwcleaner - FF extension false positives?

Howdy, I sent the author of bloody vikings your way a while back. I'm here today because two extensions I regularly use are being detected by adwcleaner.

1. "ClassicThemeRestorer" (I am using the developer/beta edition.)

2. "SavedPasswordEditor"