Bitdefender Error 1002

The "error 1002" error is commonly caused by incorrectly configured system settings or irregular entries in the Windows registry. This error may be fixed with special software that repairs the registry and tunes up system settings to restore stability.


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McAfee plays an important role in protecting Windows PC, Mac, Android and iPhone from malware and viruses. This antivirus blocks on the internet threats which make the system slow. You should download McAfee antivirus software to secure the personal information which is saved on the device because if the information is not protected, then it can be attacked by the malware. As the cyber threat i...

Re: Get Help to Find and Use WPS Pin on Printer

on ADS by ivaanadam

Earlier, I had some doubts about this WPS pin usage but your post cleared my doubts. Software Development Life Cycle  It helps me very much to find and use the WPS pin on the printer. You gave a detailed step by step instructions and the link you have shared also informative.

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Re: Trust Able Software Hosting Companies [2020]

Thanks for sharing the list of hosting companies, as fas as I am in the business I have been using Cloudways managed WordPress hosting that offers the best speed and security.

Cannot permanently clean Google Chrome folder (extensions)


On a newly formatted Windows 10 I have copied the AppData\Local\Google folder to keep older Chrome's settings. After analysing it with AdwCleaner (8.0.5) it reports five unwanted Chrome extensions. I choose to clean them (quarantine) but after rebooting and rerunning AdwCleaner they are coming back.

This is the clean logfile. It says FAILED. But why?. Chrome isn't even installed (I am ...

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Re: Enterprise Software | Web and Mobile App Development Company India USA

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Medical School Personal Statement

Studying in high school, college, or university can become a true challenge for many young people. They have to cope with lots of different assignments, find time for entertainments, and some even have to work part-time. However, all these challenges pale in comparison with being a nursing student. A degree of complexity increases by several times, and writing a research paper on nursing is lik...