Re: AdwCleaner 5.032 Empty Version Update Dialog Box on XP


La version 5.035 n'est plus disponible au téléchargement sur ToolsLib. Je vous invite à télécharger la dernière version ( à l'heure actuelle), disponible ici :

Sachez que cette dernière version ne supporte pas Windows XP. Si vous êtes dans ce cas, je vous invite donc à télécharger Malwarebytes à la place :

Re: How to remove Ninite.exe


You should be able to find a way to uninstall Ninite through the Windows Control Panel/Settings.

Here is how (take a look at the Remove in Settings section):


How to remove Ninite.exe

I am running Windows 7 and I downloaded and installed the Ninite program for automatic software updates. It said it had installed and updated some programs but I cannot find the Ninite.exe file anywhere on my PC. Is there a way to remove it? Makes me uneasy to have a supposedly running program that I can't find / locate file location. Thank you.

Re: Hi is this legitimate site?


That's definitely not an official website. Here is the official page =>

..and it redirects to (which is the official download link).

Thanks for letting us know.

Have a happy new year. Regards.

Re: Required Registries Removed?


You can remove them, they belong to Pokki.

Re: Can't open quarantine, something might be wrong


Can you fully remove the C:\AdwCleaner folder?

Then, relaunch AdwCleaner and it should work again.

Re: Advanced System Care


My questions are:  can I tell ADW not to remove advanced system care when I put it back?  And can anyone tell me, if ADW hasn't removed ASK and the other two, where they might be hiding, and how I can stop them coming back?

silvamayflower, 2017-11-19 11:51:41 (UTC)

The coming update (AdwCleaner 7.1) will provide this feature indeed, but for now it's not possible.

Regarding Ask and ...

Re: Signing


I can confirm that is signed.

Try to download it again by following this link:


Re: lavasoft web companion

Hi guys,

I just ran the new version of adwcleaner and here is the log file

Also here is a screenshot of the eror msg when adwcleaner tries to remove the little pest.

once again thx for all the help

Re: Désinfection de tapsnake, cronDNS, Dubfishiw


S'il t'affiche un numéro de téléphone, n'appelle pas (c'est peut-être un peu bête comme conseil mais certains le font et se sont avoir, je ne connais pas ton niveau).



  • Télécharge et lance AdwCleaner (de ToolsLib / Malwarebytes), choisis l'option Analyser.
  • Une fois le scan terminé, choisis l'option Nettoyer.
  • Redémarre le PC comme demandé, héberge le rapport sur pjjoint.malekal...