Re: Restaurer éléments en quarantaine situés sur un disque dur qui n'est plus fonctionnel

Merci fr33tux pour la rapidité !

dans le dossier quarantaine il y a ça :

Est-ce qu'il s'agit des  fichiers textes  : AdwCleaner [C1].txt et AdwCleaner [S1].txt ?

ils sont illisibles :


Re: Issue with Microsoft Edge


Can you download and execute

You'll get a logfile beginning by "Winsock" in C:\, please share it here (by copy/pasting it or by hosting it on U2S and sharing the generated link here).

Best regards,

Re: Internet issues after running adwcleaner Winsock2 being deleted

I did not uncheck the "Reset Winsock Settings", and originally discovered this issue only happens when this is checked.  I did a comparison of registry files before and after and saw that the major difference in the two was the deletion of the HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Services\WinSock2 registry folders and sub folders - literally everything in that was deleted.

Here is the c...

Re: Internet issues after running adwcleaner Winsock2 being deleted

Hello Xplode,

Thanks for your time looking into this matter.  I apologize I was away and not able to assist shortly after reporting this issue.  I had noticed that you had released a couple of newer versions while I was away, so I downloaded and ran the newest one 5.109, but the issue persisted.  Please note that I am not deleting any files or folders that your program detects (as there are so...

Internet issues after running adwcleaner Winsock2 being deleted


I would like to report a bug or an issue I've been having with the latest version of adwcleaner 5.105.  I work at a university and have been assisting with malware removal and typically part of the process, we run adwcleaner since it usually does a fantastic job at removing adware.  Essentially we ran into the issue where after running adwcleaner the internet would no longer work.  Afte...

Re: Emobilize experience


You got the right reaction to ask to your IT support before sharing your bank account.

Do you remember (or still have) the software they use to take control of your computer ?

Can you copy/paste here the AdwCleaner logfile ? (in C:\AdwCleaner\) ?

who were very helpful and said it had been a conflct problem with another application called Weeble.

Was it ?



Re: Keyboarding interruptions in Yahoo Mail

~ ZHPDiag v2016.2.22.62 By Nicolas Coolman (2016/02/22)
~ Run by Owner (Administrator)  (2016/02/22 14:16:22)
~ Web:
~ Facebook:
~ State version:  Version OK
~ Mode: Scan
~ Report: C:\Users\Owner\Desktop\ZHPDiag.txt
~ Report: C:\Users\Owner\AppData\Roaming\ZHP\ZHPDiag.txt
~ UAC: Activate ~ System startup: Normal (Normal boo...

Scan result

on AdwCleaner by ****

These are the results of the scan, carried out with the latest version, the 5.032, although in fact I already appeared in previous versions of AdwCleaner. The problem is this, when I click the button disinfection, obviously those registry entries are deleted, but the Comodo (CIS), does not want to know more of work, ...

Re: Suggestion: Add an "ignore AOL" option

Sorry for the long delay. Had to wait for another customer who uses AOL. Here's a link to the log file.