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Re: AdwCleaner

Greetings, hopefully, you can understand English. With the power invested in my by Google Translate, I will attempt to answer your questions. AdwCleaner doesn't install anything since it is a standalone software. If you haven't had any malware or there are no files that need to be quarantined/stored, there will be no reason to create a folder in C disk. Try doing a scan once. It should appear a...

Re: How to add files to "exclusion list", so adwCleaner does not kill processes during cleanup?

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You may download the Client from https://c.fixme.it

Here is the names of the files:


TiClientCoreN.exe TiClientHelper.exe






ADWCleaner deleted a folder it shouldn't

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I just ran ADWCleaner at the suggestion of the Reddit Techsupport forum, and it removed a very valuable folder.

I found the folder in Quarantine, but I feel that this needs to be looked at further.

The folder that was deleted was a save folder for a variety of modded Minecraft games. There is an online community on Reddit where these games are discussed, and a standalone Launcher that downloa...