Mise à jour logiciel


Je cherche comment indiqué la mise à jour d'un logiciel.

J'ai modifié le code de mon outil ToolsDiag et j'ai donc chargé le nouveu fichier mais sur la page de téléchargement le date ne change pas et je ne trouve pas comment la changer.


Re: Strange toolbar on my browser


First, you can try to download and run AdwCleaner by following this link: https://toolslib.net/downloads/viewdownload/1-adwcleaner/

Please share the generated logfile after the system reboot.

Re: Remove botton

Hi, no, it is located in E:\ , I never had it in Download folder. Yes, I downloaded from toolslib site, the app work well; only since the "remove" botton has no effects. I can update it by simply manually deleting it, but this remove botton shows that there is a problem. Its is strange. PS. only in this moment I received the notification email of your replies.

Re: Remove botton

download the latest version of the Adwcleaner here https://toolslib.net/downloads/viewdownload/1-adwcleaner/


Re: Hello everyone


Please start by reading our welcome message, here: https://toolslib.net/forum/viewthread/22-welcome-official-toolslib-forum/


Re: ZHPCleaner link is broken on your website


I have difficulty to post on your forum ? what’s going on?

when I have to post my reply above then the page goes blank ?

gamezertruth, 2019-01-16 16:56:21 (UTC)

We're currently having issues with our forum. The "blank page" bug will be fixed in the coming days. Sorry for the inconvenience.

on your toolslib.net website is still shown an old version of the download link of the zhpcle...

Re: ZHPCleaner link is broken on your website

hi there

on your toolslib.net website is still shown an old version of the download link of the zhpcleaner here https://toolslib.net/downloads/viewdownload/288-zhpcleaner/

while on the Zhpcleaner website , when I try to download it redirect me to another website which the download link is comletely broken on there

False positive with and now

Hi guys,

Probably a false positive:

# -------------------------------
# Malwarebytes AdwCleaner
# -------------------------------
# Build:    09-19-2018
# Database:  (Cloud)
# Support:  https://www.malwarebytes.com/support
# -------------------------------
# Mode: Scan
# -------------------------------
# Start:    09-20-2018
# Duration: 00:00:09
# OS:       Windows 7 Professional

Re: ADWcleaner_7.2.2 : mon PC ne peut pas lancer l'application !


Pouvez-vous re-télécharger AdwCleaner via ce lien : https://toolslib.net/downloads/finish/1-adwcleaner/

Essayez à nouveau de lancer AdwCleaner et dites moi si le problème est toujours présent.