DEWI 17.01.14

Dewi supports Drag & Drop Wim to ESD & ESD to Wim File Conversion, ESD Decryption and ISO Creation




Image Deploy 17.01.05

Image Deploy is designed to run within WindowsPE- WindowsRE

Supports standard windows image deployment and windows 8.1 wimboot image deployment by...

TecknoGuard AntiVirus 2016 BeTa 1

A sperimental antivirus with:

  • Big database
  • Cleaner 
  • Task Manager
  • Set up Windows Firewall
  • Metro UI interface
  • Compatible with Vista and newer



Aplicacion Para Escribir Con este Tipo de letras convinadas con numeros (algo asi como un hacker ) 

14Z 4P1!C4C!0N3Z MÓV!13Z Z0N 31 GR4N “M0T0R...

WindowsUpdateFixer 2.1.2

This tool will try to fix Windows Update when Windows Update isn't working or fails at installing updates, etc. Also, WindowsUpdateFixer is extreme...

Generador de contraseñas 1.0

¿Cansado de pensar nuevas contraseñas? En ese caso, prueba PassworD, un generador automático que te permitirá crear contraseñas con diferentes nive...

Les Escus des Armes 5.10.2

HERALDIQUE : logiciel de création de Blasons (Armoiries)

Utilise plus de 5000 meubles et plus de 1000 dessins de pièces, partitions et ornements...

Startup Process Killer 0.1

Kill software that start at boot.

DelFix 1.013

DelFix is designed to delete all removal tools used during a disinfection.

Indeed, these tools are often updated. It's recommended not to have and...

WinsockAnalyzer 1.001

WinsockAnalyzer is a tool designed to diagnose internet problems related to Winsock configuration.