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Beta beta5 7.83 MB 1,434
  • MD5 · 96a898ebf392ba58b2a87b69869448d6
  • SHA1 · b3f26db605b8219a3789ef7a111e7b14a39327a5
  • SHA256 · 73c66312be977321137d8430bb28a2b3fa6a591f3ead235a9d52e74e8b6f472d

v7.0.2.0 [Unreleased]


  • Initial work to choose between release|beta update tracks


  • Fix UK translation
  • Open the scan logfile on background, keep AdwCleaner main UI on foreground
  • Handle errors in a more robust way
  • Improve the way updates are checked
  • Add several Heuristics (chip-installer and others)
  • Improve Heuristics scanning time


  • Fix Heuristics FPs
  • Fix Crashs
  • Fix potential issue during files and folders clean