Desktop Organizer to keep your Windows desktop tidy.

In Windows, a cluttered desktop can be exhausting and destroy productivity. Often times, most users fill their desktops with tons of downloaded applications and self-created files until the screen becomes a kind of dumpster full of icons that barely allow the background image to be seen. With Desktop Organizer, you can instantly organize your desktop with one click.


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Besides cleaning your desktop, Desktop Organizer also provides several tools to help you work smarter.


  • Screenshot

You can easily take screenshots without going through the system menu. Plus, the built-in editor helps you easily crop, paint, and annotate your screenshot with just a few clicks.

  • Music Player Lite.

With this Music Player, you can listen to your favorite songs, and consume very little RAM memory.

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Publisher Salvador F. Krilewski
By S4Lsalsoft
Created on 26 June 2020
Last update 26 August 2022
Category Desktop
Operating system Windows

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