Can you remember this sheep in the year '95?


It is/was a sheep able to walking on your taskbar. Because it was a 16-bit application, it doesn't work anymore on Windows 7/8/10. And because I missed this sheep so much, I wrote a simple application to reproduce a little bit what this sheep was able to do.

The entire project is Open Source and can be found here:

The home page, for this project can be found here:

I tried to make this application flexible, to allow more pets (not only a sheep). On the webpage you will find an editor, so you can create your own pet and publish it so everyone can download your animation.

This application is not a game. It is not an utility. You will only loose your time downloading it, but if you are here you have enough time for this kind of applications :P

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Created on 22 January 2016
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