What is CPU usage monitor?


What is not measured cannot be improved. CPU usage is one of the most important performance metrics in server monitoring. It's the primary value to analyze to determine the processing speed of applications, which is a key performance indicator of network and server health. If CPU usage spikes up, the user interface of that server will eventually slow down, and multiple process will crash along with the application running on that server, creating an avalanche effect. High CPU usage can also cause high memory utilization issues that can cause a server to go down. Because CPU utilization impacts the server and network monitoring, it is necessary to measure CPU usage since it directly influences network performance.

Most CPUs have multi-core and multi-threading to enable many processes to run independently and simultaneously. CPU usage is measured in clock speeds indicated in Hertz or cycles per second. CPU usage is a widely used term in virtual environments and applicable for VMware, and Hyper-V servers. For physical servers and other network devices CPU usage is usually called CPU utilization.

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