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Thanks to **H a r o l d # 0582** for donating *$100* for the development of the new **DLL Injector Hacker v1.0.3+** * New functions . * Compatibility for 64bits (In development Not Stable in all methods). * New functions . * Support for Tools (Currently Contains for CS: GO) * Support for Plugins (In Development) * Among many other functions ----- ### **Important Read:** Opportunity to Load DLLs developed in .NET was also added. They can be injected using the CLR Hosting method (Only 32 Bit processes At the moment) Or they could also load the DLL in the Injector process (Attach On Injector), this if it is Universal. Example Project (Compatible By Both Injection Methods) Project: The **EntryPoint()** Function of the Project is specially Designed for my [UdrakoLoader](, You must load this Function if you use **CLR Hosting.** Instead the Method: **DIH_DLLMain(ByVal DIH_ProcessID As Integer)** It can be loaded with the method (**Attach On Injector**). The Injector will Automatically Detect the **"DIH_ProcessID"** Parameter, and will automatically send the **Process PID** to that Function. > **To Configure Injection Method and Parameters of a .NET DLL, you must Right Click on the DLL in the Injector Interface**.