The Web Protector browser tool by Safe Samurai claims to deliver safety mechanisms for your Internet activities, but it is considered by security experts as a Potentially Unwanted Program (PUP) with adware capabilities. The Web Protector app by Safe Samurai can record your browsing history in order to provide advertisers with data that can be used to deliver you tailor-suited ads. Web Protector is used by merchants to present you with pop-ups, banners and ad boxes loaded with exclusive offers, commercials, and discounts. Moreover, the IP address of the page hosting Web Protector is associated with the deployment of the IRCBot cyber threat that is designed to stay in the background and download potentially harmful files on your PC. As stated above, the primary objective of Web Protector is to display ads in your web browser, and you may not approve its operations. Additionally, Safe Samurai has other products such as PC Safe Antivirus that are can be connected to other cyber threats, and you may want to remove Web Protector from your computer. The Web Protector browser tool has versions for Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer and Google Chrome that are deployed in freeware bundles. You might want to remove the Web Protector app by using a credible anti-spyware tool.

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