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What’s new? - SpyShelter 15 is now no longer in beta testing. Thank you for all your feedback via our helpdesk and forum so we could improve SpyShelter! Please keep providing feedback in our public forum so we can keep improving. - SpyShelter now supports PUP protection. PUP means "Potentially Unwanted Programs" and was requested by many SpyShelter fans. To turn this on, go to the Protection tab "Threat Protection" area (click the right side arrow), or leave it turned off if PUPs aren't an issue for you. SpyShelter will now stop unwanted programs before they can even launch. If SpyShelter catches a program you want to install, just unquarantine it to use it by going to the Rules tab. - Now when threats or PUPs are quarantined, SpyShelter shows you an alert on the desktop, and an event. Previously you could only see this under SpyShelter's Rules. - Go to SpyShelter's settings to only show red dots and red event alerts for threats only, or unsigned executables and threats only. - SpyShelter has had many UI fixes and enhancements due to user reports and feedback. - The SpyShelter software already doesn't collect any identifiable information, but for those who want an extreme level of privacy, SpyShelter now has a built-in extreme privacy mode for all free or paid users. A SpyShelter fan requested this mode via a private message in our forum, so we built it for that person. To use this mode, install SpyShelter from the Windows Terminal with the command /privacy. Now SpyShelter Threat Detection, Insights, and any other features that may send data (that's already non-identifiable as is) are disabled from SpyShelter's installation. Therefore, now even non-identifiable data isn't sent anywhere when using SpyShelter while in /privacy mode. Unfortunately this causes you to miss out on any threat detection or insights, to it's not recommended for most people. However, this mode may be useful for some work environments or IT requirements. To leave this privacy mode you have to uninstall SpyShelter and reinstall it without the /privacy command. - SpyShelter yearly subscriptions are now live. Thanks for considering supporting our work on this project so we can keep building new features and improving SpyShelter! Unlike many subscription companies we make it easy to cancel your subscription. You can purchase, then immediately click "unsubscribe" in your email to cancel rebills if you prefer. We don't make you have to contact us to cancel subscriptions.