uView Player - Play Multiple Videos Simultaneously (64-bit) Release
uView Player - Play Multiple Videos Simultaneously (32-bit) Release

Enjoy seamless Picture-in-Picture (PiP) viewing, allowing you to watch YouTube, Twitch, Netflix, Spotify, Crunchyroll, and more while engaging in other PC activities or gaming.

With uView Player's floating window PiP mode, your favorite content remains conveniently visible atop other tasks, ensuring a smooth multitasking experience. Take control of your media player's size and position with the ability to lock settings, preventing accidental adjustments.

Enhance your entertainment workflow with uView Player for uninterrupted, immersive viewing on your PC.

More information:

Downloads 23,332
Weekly downloads 40
Publisher iDruf
By supertop2007
Created on 15 February 2015
Last update 10 November 2023
Category Multimedia
Operating system Android

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