Audials One 2020 Release

Audials One 2020


Spotify, YouTube, Tidal & Co.

Save in top quality
Enjoy millions of tracks which have been precisely trimmed with no loss of quality (equal to the original) in top HiFi or Master quality. Only on Audials.

Lightning-speed downloads
Are you looking for hundreds of tracks or entire artist discographies? Audials carries out high-speed, parallel recordings and saves music from Spotify in up to 15 times the speed.

Find your music
Finding and recording any track you want from any streaming service, source, online radio and in a multitude of versions is now child's play.

Import playlists
It's now easier than ever to view playlists from YouTube and Spotify in your Audials software, and to then download and export them.

Automatic music supply
Create a list of the music you want and Audials will scan hundreds of thousands of radio stations, saving hits or entire albums and discographies in the background.

Discover huge variety
There are no limits to what you can choose from thanks to the latest artists, tracks and weekly charts. Immerse yourself into the infinite expanse of music using the Music Styles or Music Zoom features!

App on-th-go
The Audials Radio App's powerful features will enhance your music experience and make sure you always have the best music wherever you are.


100,000 stations
Audials offers you the maximum number of radio stations and all genres, and yet you can still record your favorite music at up to 320 kbps. Use the Styles function to manage multiple Favorites lists.

Targeted song recording
The radio recorder accurately extracts songs from the radio stream, leaving out the presenters talking and all the commercials. It can also specifically target certain songs or automatically record them using a recording timer.

Adds covers and lyrics
Audials automatically adds titles, album covers and lyrics to each recording. You can manually change these tags at any time.

The world of podcasts
Explore over 350,000 podcasts from around the world. New episodes are displayed automatically. Watching, listening, downloading and subscribing now easier than ever!

App for non-stop radio
The Audials Radio App is perfect for listening to radio stations on the go, on your smartphone or in the car.


Netflix, Amazon, Hulu & Co.
Record content off all the top services, including Amazon Prime Video, YouTube, Hulu and live streams without losing quality and circumventing DRM encryption.

Record in top quality
Audials One offers the highest resolution, the right frame rate and smooth recordings, even with adaptive streaming. It also includes automatic naming.

Save movies & series
Continue to enjoy content from streaming services even when it is no longer available. You can even record a list of movies with the recording scheduler!

Entire seasons!
Do you want to record an entire series without any effort? Audials will automatically save each episode while you sleep.

Convert all file formats
To save videos in HD and to ensure they can be played on all devices, we support the latest file formats including 4k, MP4, HVEC, H.264 and WMV.

Your own video library
The automatic addition of movie descriptions and information on the actors, director, etc. to all recordings means you will never lose track.


Record & download
Play, record and download all major TV formats using Audials in full-screen mode.

300 Live TV streams
Live streams from English and international TV channels allow you to watch TV 24/7. You can also enjoy the best music TV channels.

25,000 video podcasts
The best content from around the globe is arranged according to category and is available to watch, save and subscribe to.


Enjoy radio stations from all over the world, plus favorites that are synchronized with your PC as a Style.
Record any number of radio stations at once.
Record specific music requests, synchronized with your PC.
Listen to podcasts, synchronized with your PC.
Transfer music wirelessly from your PC.

Apple iOS
Enjoy all the radio stations in the world, and favorites that are synchronized with your PC as a Style.
Record any number of radio stations at once.
Music from YouTube is synchronized with your PC.
Listen to podcasts, synchronized with your PC.


Save audio books
Save them from Audible, Spotify and Deezer at 10 times the speed.

Music Manager
File manager and tag editor to organize media on your PC, in the cloud and on mobile devices.

Transfer music to your devices
Manage cloud storage and transfer media wirelessly to smartphones.

Manage duplicate versions
Discover, edit or delete duplicates in your music collection.

Burn CDs/DVDs
Create an audio backup with MP3 CDs and DVDs.

Convert audio files
Convert songs into all formats and play them back on your devices.

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Publisher Audials AG
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Created on 21 July 2016
Last update 25 January 2017
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