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  • MD5 · ee80f407e2d1875b4dfa29689bff6296
  • SHA1 · 7d6e5d8d47fc590c941df8f9d733ea173a672bd2
  • SHA256 · 6f71cbb1cc0bb876c57f0ac0fec7a7d5be6938f00beb9d6a408e8ae5fc2f5dc3 - Detection Improvments - Pre-Loaded Virus Definitions updated - Fixed some ScanLog reporting issues - GUI/Icon Changes - Security improvments - Bug Fixes - Detection Improvements - Pre-Loaded Virus Definitions updated - Fixed some compatability issues - Added Uninstall Option under Settings > User Panel > Uninstall - Fixed Scan log reporting. (Scan logs are smaller in size) - Minor bug fixes - Code Signing Updated. Now Using Digicert - Detection Improvements - Security Improvements - False Positives Fixed - Fixed "Days Remaining" in user panel. Premium users should now see the correct amount of days they have left on their Premium account - Activation keys can now be activated using other emails. This is only recommended if you cannot access the email you purchased NoBot with. If you have to do this please contact us so that we can associate your Key with a proper email address. - Fixed compatibility issues where some users were experiencing an error/crash upon launching NoBot for the first time - Debug Logging & error handling improved - Detection Improvements - Registry Scanning Improved - New detection methods for Zbot Trojan (Zeus Bot) - Improved detection methods added for Hidden startup items - Confirmation message added before restoring files from quarantine - User Panel now also displays "Days remaining" for Premium users instead of just the expiration date - Fixed Scan Button (Users may now scan again even after selecting no objects to be removed) - Scan Buttons are now disabled during scans and re-enabled after the scan has been completed (Prevents user error) - Confirmation message added before the user cancels any sort of file removal after a scan - Windows Directory scanning has been improved - Ability to scan inside of the Recycle bin has been added (Requires Windows Directory Scanning to be enabled in settings) - New Startup scanning techniques have been added - False positives caused by Registry scanning - Registry scanning will now scan for shell commands that try launching stub applications - Fixed scan log reporting - Detection Improvements - "Threat Type" has been added to the scan tab - Automatic File Submission Option has been added - Minor bug fixes - Detection Improvements - Slight Windows File scanning adjustments - Minor Registry scanning Improvements - Fixed False Positives - T.O.S Updated - Pre-Loaded Virus Definitions updated - Users can now ignore registry keys/Startup Entries (This is not file specific) - Well known files are now ignored (via) hash or digital signature (Speeds up scanning) - Debug logging has been added under (Settings > User Panel > Debug Info) - Settings/Options are now handled differently - Windows Directory Scanning has been changed - Registry Scanning Detection Improved - Bug Fixes - Pre-Loaded Virus Defintions updated - Detection Improvements - Windows Directory Scanning Improved - Registry Scanning Detection Improved - Bug Fix: "Time Elapsed" (Time Elapsed will now consistently update the scan duration) - Bug Fix: Update Labels (Labels now correspond with the proper update status) - Fixed Update Display Message (If Client update is available, The message will no longer hide behind the application) - Pre-Loaded Virus Defintions updated - All links should be working properly and pointing to our new domain - Minor Scanning adjustments - Code Signing Signature fixed - Some compatibility issues fixed - Contact Link Fixed - Registry Scanning Will now Scan for PUP software running on Startup - Module Scanning will now scan for PUP hooks/injections - Detection Improved - Memory Scanning Speed Improved - Bug Fixes - "Time Elapsed" has been added to the scan tab - Detection Improved - Scanning Speed Improved - Detection Improved - Module Scanning Improved - Windows File Scanning Improved - Slight Scanning Speed Improvement - All links have been redirected to our new Home Domain: - Bug Fixes - Detection Improved - Registry Scanning/File mapping Improved - Mapped Registry files can now be added to the ignore/exception list - Module Scanning Improved - Fixed False Positives - Registry File Mapping Improved - Minor bug fixes - Fixed False Positives - Detection Improved - Registry scanning/detection Improved - Registry keys are now mapped out to the files they're associated with and can be analysed by virustotal - Detection Improved - Scanning speed improved - Fixed some False positives - System Tray notification will appear when successfully submitting a file to Virustotal - Activation Bug Fixes - Scanning improvements - VT Scan time improved - Detection improved - User Panel display bug fix - Detection improved - Minor UI Changes - Premium users can now check their premium information in User Panel - Virustotal scanning bug fixes - Detection improved - Minor UI Changes - Virustotal API implemented (Thanks to the rest sharp team: - Minor UI Changes - Bug Fixes