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Release 1.2.109 29.24 MB 7,463
  • MD5 · 9634e80aff1b76f1784400d39286471d
  • SHA1 · 31698ac4ecac28292f7191896ac38caec69d249a
  • SHA256 · 6197e3e18e216c4067d0c5c7717065a2c6200628e7a7607e422602e2cf092aac
* Fixed a bug that caused the GlassWire Idle Monitor to crash with some OS versions in some unusual situations. * The mini viewer should now always remember its position and size for all users and OS versions. * Fixed the sorting order of the remote hosts on the Firewall tab. * Fixed a problem that caused our Mic/Webcam detection feature to stop working with some Windows 10 versions.