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Release firewall 2.1.152 33.94 MB 11,152
  • MD5 · fc291a7899e8205fa0c4a9768cec6a52
  • SHA1 · 2fe3701c4a33bbb7e2e6450705ee0133e0370d9f
  • SHA256 · 2dd90307e1bd959e2ff4b98fc2d1649d53d2c588f68d8e9bedb4f1d9edae9685
Incognito apps! Now you can set any GlassWire app to Incognito mode. To do so go to the GlassWire Firewall tab, then click the app's icon, then choose "more" then "Incognito". Now that app's host/data info is no longer logged by GlassWire. Fixed translation problems with French and German translations. Fixed an issue where GlassWire's window would change size for some users. Fixed an issue that could cause GlassWire's UI to crash. Other bug fixes and optimizations.