(Cleaner For USB&PC / Anti-Shorcut) 

* The definitive tool against the virus of direct access.
* which should not be missing in your usb.

The "V0.5 Alpha" Version is recommended because it does not have bugs and is very compatible with all versions of Windows.




It was originally created to eliminate the virus that creates shortcuts in the USB memories, but over time it evolved and now eliminates many more viruses, this small tool of only 1mb disinfects the PC and removable disks (USB / flash memory).

Originally Antivirus Pro was designed to eliminate the virus called Drive.bat also known as nephototoday.wsf, this idea started when I was in the cyber of the bigblioteca of my university and computers had this annoying virus, at that moment I happened to do this tool (Antivirus Pro) that little by little I was improving it.





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Publisher Salvador F. Krilewski
By S4Lsalsoft
Created on 29 September 2017
Last update 29 March 2018
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Operating system Windows